Tree Smart, Inc.
and the
Newspaper Pencil

July, 1998

A new pencil has recently been introduced by Tree Smart, Inc.

The #2 'Newspaper Pencil' is made from recycled newspapers, yet is as hard as wood. Unlike other recycled pencil products, the Newspaper Pencil is not made from pulverized, reconstituted paper, but directly from rolled-up newspaper. Each pencil is unique, bearing the print of the newspaper it was rolled from.

I have had the pleasure of evaluating a sample of this new pencil. I found it easy to sharpen (though tougher than wood); I expected the point to break while sharpening, but it didn't, and it produces a smooth, dark line. As a consequence of its being rolled, the lead is positioned exactly in the center.

According to Tree Smart, about 400 pencils can be made from an average Sunday newspaper. For more information or to order some Newspaper pencils, contact Tree Smart at (800) 459-8767 or email to Tree Smart's web site will be on-line soon.

Tree Smart, Inc.
P.O. Box 502
Lake Oswego, OR 97034 USA

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