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December 2012

A.W. Faber

"Castell" drawing and coloring pencils

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Castell HB, hex, long ferrule, Germany, front and back

Castell F, hex, three variations, Bavaria

Castell 3H, hex, Germany and Bavaria

Castell 4H, hex, three variations, Bavaria and Germany

Castell 9000 B, hex, USA

Castell 9000 F, hex, USA, front and back

Castell 9000 H, hex, Germany

Castell 9000 2H, hex, USA and Germany

Castell 9000 3H, hex, three variations, Germany and USA (front and back shown on #3)

Castell 9000 4H, hex, Germany

Castell 9000 5H, hex, two variations

Castell 9000 8H, hex, USA, front and back shown

Castell 9007 HB, hex, long ferrule, Germany

Castell 9101 Copying, round body, Germany and Bavaria

Castell 9110½, round body copying, Germany

Castell 9116 round body copying, two variations, Bavaria

Castell 9121 round body hard copying

Castell 9608 red and blue copying, round body

Castell 9609 round body red copying, Germany

Castell 9609 round body blue copying

Castell 9612 round body yellow copying, Germany

Castell 9613 round body purple copying, Germany

Castell 9616 round body new blue copying, Germany

Castell Flat body, Germany

Castell HB mini, hex with metal cap, Bavaria


A.W. Faber Page 1

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