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From: laura, on Oct 14 2017
I have an unopened package of 6 vintage Mustang pencils with the large ferrule square erasers, never sharpened mint. I have been told they are in demand and valuable does anyone know what they are worth? Multiple people responsonding with a valuable would be most helpful. thanks

From: Frank Byder, on Oct 2 2017
I have Scandinavian brand name pencils to trade. They include Viking, AB Stiftet and the Swedish made AW Faber, from one of the rarest AW Faber factories.

From: William Childs, on Jun 27 2017
Hello, I am searching for all the Tennessee made pencils! So I am looking for Musgraves, Lintons, Empires, JR Moons, etc. If anybody wants to sell/ trade let me know. I have some of lots of brands including some 70s-90s mechanicals I could trade for wooden pencils my email is Thanks!

From: James, on Mar 29 2017
Have many pencils to trade

From: Brendan Mackenzie , on Jul 7 2016
I am a collector of Pentel 200 series pencils. Looking for vintage ones. I have a bunch of New Lamy Safai pencils I am willing to trade please email me if you are interested.

From: Ray Doss, on Aug 14 2014
I have new unsharpened Prismacolor pencils #1049 met. blue,#1048 met. green,#1046 met.jade,#1047 met. tile blue,#1045 met. purple and#1039 neon green. Would like to trade for other rare/discontinued colors. I will also trade for colors I need.

From: Martin Saliba, on Mar 7 2013
Hi, I collect pencils with company or product logos. Have some to trade. If interested drop me a line at

From: Jay, on Aug 3 2012
Looking to trade double pointed steno pencils. I have some dups to trade.

From: James Knight, on Sep 10 2011
SEEKING Blaisdell Hard 634-T paper pencils. Willing to trade or pay TOP dollar. I have a dear friend who uses only this type of pencil and needs them badly. Will pay reasonable finder fee per pencil that is sold to me.

From: Bob Sievert, on Aug 8 2010
I am ready to trade carpenters' pencils.

From: Joseph DiCarlo, on Apr 4 2010
Mint condition hex shaft Eagle Chemi sealed Turquoise drawing 5H US super bonded pat .I.854905- I 892508 MADE USA Balboa Blue glossy finish -------------------------------------------------------------------- Mint Conditons Hex Shaft A.W. FABER CASTELL USA 5H 9000 lead imported from AMERICAN ZONE GERMANY Hunter Green glossy finish -------------------------------------------------------------------- Excellent vintage conditions round shaft BONDED LEAD TOPIC RUWE PENCIL CO` USA 650 2 4/8 Dark Green semi gloss finish --------------------------------------------------------------------- These pencils do not have erasers they are true drafting quality and not very common finds they have never been sharpened , I am an old draftsman who never used cedar shaft pencils .. preferring instead mechanical pencils. I Will trade all three for any one of three models of mechanical pencils. They are the USA made Fullerton acutron 1030 , Italy eagle turquoise 10 , or the Eberhard Faber Microtomic 617. The quality of any of the mechanical pencils for trade should be at least excellent used .Pictures can be furnished to the would be trading person as will be requested of same. Please email anytime if interested . Best regards.

From: Eleni Makris, on Mar 27 2010
$160.00 for 20 pencils in prime condition. Erasers intact, unsharpened. Approximately 1950s, maybe earlier. Most with advertising related to old flour companies in the Midwest.

From: Extrusion Technik USA Inc, on Nov 4 2009
Extrusion Technik USA Inc. manufactures wood-free black lead and color pencils. Pencils are made using latest indigenously developed multiple extrusion technology. Extrusion Technik has commissioned more than 50 pencil extrusion lines globally.

From: doug G., on Sep 3 2009
I am seeking information on a mechanical lead pencil that i aquired a few years ago I would appreciate any information concerning my pencil. The pencil has a hand engraved inscription that reads THE BANK OF UNITED STATES this inscription runs lengthwise on the pencil, there are also the words VENUS EVERPOINTED AMERICAN PENCIL CO NEW YORK SILVERPLATED . The end cap is removeable and there is a cartridge attached that contains extra leads, on the outside of the cartridge is a hand engraved number 112. THANK YOU DOUG G.

From: NIKOLAOS KARALIS, on Dec 10 2008

From: Steve Simon, on Sep 11 2008
I collect pencils (brandname, fantasy, rare, curious... NOT ADVERTISING) and I'm interesting in trade or buy with others pencils collectors. Anyone interested, email me.

From: Mr.P.J.Panchal, on Sep 3 2008
We are manufacturing PENCIL LEAD MACHINERY Since last 40 years.If any requirement of PENCIL LEAD PLANT So Please Contact us at our e-mail id Mention above.We have Specialize in Manufacturig of Pecil Lead Manufacturing Machinery.our Company is located in State Ahmedabad,Gujarat(INDIA).

From: Teri, on Jul 18 2008
I am looking to trade pencils with other collectors. I have tons!

From: Andy Welfle, on Jul 9 2008
I have several mint-looking, never-used Blackwing 602 pencils. I'd be happy to sell or to trade for some other pencils. Let me know if you're interested!

From: abbasali mirbagheri, on Dec 14 2007
It is about 15 years that (behneia business & engineering company) in Iran is doing activities in the field of counseling, providing information, import, startup and installation of machinery and production line for the factories as well as maintenance and repairing of relevant different systems and machines. we need to pencil leads compelet line, please see attach. can you send me some information for that? You can send this information to following email. BEHNEIAENG@YAHOO.COM

From: Tatiana Aguero, on Mar 27 2007
I am a pencil collector and would like to trade or buy pencils with beautiful motives. If you are interested please send a mail to

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