Seeking Pencils

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From: jim banafato, on Feb 20 2018
I am looking for complete boxed sets of the Eagle Elfin Model 613 please advise any available. thank you

From: J.D. Barker, on Jan 29 2018
I am looking for any Yikes! pencils. Preferably unused. I am willing to buy or trade.

From: frank purpura, on Jan 23 2018
hello,i am looking for an 417 eagle pencil co. brand pencil named TEDDY BEAR ,it comes with a brass pencil in the shape of a teddy bear, point protector,i have two,willing to trade frank

From: Sherri, on Oct 25 2017
Hi, I'm looking for Berol Prismacolor #941 Light/Raw Umber. This is from my 1986 Berol Prismacolor Set #960 set of 60.If anyone has one, please let me know.

From: Lindsey Miller, on Oct 10 2017
Iso Blaisdell calculator special grade 600. If you have one, let me know your price. I am willing to pay whatever it takes to get this for my fiance's collection.

From: Alaine Larson, on Sep 30 2017
im seeking the prismacolor usa version metallics. Not gold silver and bronze but the other discontinued metallics.

From: LaToya Barnes, on Sep 22 2017
Hello everyone I am seeking to buy old vintage pencils of any kind it will be great if they're vintage and never been used or still in the box but I would love to purchase some old vintage pencils thank you

From: Eric Suess, on Sep 19 2017
Looking for Prismacolor 951, 990, 991, 998, 999, 1010, 1015-16, 1042- 1049

From: frank purpura, on Sep 17 2017

From: Pauline Salisbury , on Aug 24 2017
Tombow scented pencils 1980s

From: grayg, on Aug 5 2017
Hi Looking for Pentel Black Polymer 999 HB pencil

From: Brian griggs, on Apr 3 2017
Hi everyone looking for yikes pencils in the original packages please get back with me thanks so much😀

From: LMadril, on Mar 28 2017
Looking for Prismacolor Steel I can trade my copper and rose extras

From: David Johnson, on Feb 28 2017
I am trying to find out who manufactured black pencils that had what felt like a slightly rubberized paint on them. They were wooden pencils and had just a slight give to them when you squeezed them. They were available in the 1990s possible early 2000s. Please email if you have any info about these.

From: Shana, on Jan 24 2017
Tombow 80s scented pencils

From: Lauren Meadows, on Aug 20 2016
Rowney 'Black Beauty' 847 sketching pencils wanted

From: philip, on May 12 2016
New to pencils and searching for my place. Enjoy Eagle chem*sealed verithin wwll vintage colors. Also seeking old tapered and all early long ferrule. Thanks-phil

From: philip, on Feb 22 2016
Seeking Eagle WWII and earlier color pencils. Unsharpened. Also Pencil manufacturers label long ferrule w/ erasures. Unsharpened.

From: phil, on Feb 18 2016
Searching for early Eagle Verithin Color pencils. Small brass finial. What colors do you have to sell? Mint/Unsharpened�thanks-phil

From: Peggy Detore, on Jan 10 2016
I'm looking for three Prismacolor colors: Bright Violet, Lt. Violet and Lt. Blue. They are apparently discontinued. . . . Thanks!

From: Gus, on Dec 16 2015
Hi, looking for Ruwe pencils, can be one or many pencils. Thanks

From: Mike G, on Nov 17 2015
Hello, trying to replace BW 602 collection that was lost in the recent SC flood. I found most of the pre-1960s, but am looking for Faber Castell Blue & Black box and post-1994 Faber Eberhard "remakes"

From: Angela Jennings, on Oct 27 2015
Hello Desperately seeking deco Aqua deco blue, deco green deco red neon blue and neon green in prismacolour berols please. Thank you thank you Angie

From: Mallory, on Feb 22 2015
Hi! I'm looking for Eberhard Faber #2 1396 Princess school pencils. Not the woodclinched please! Preferably a large amount as I use them for drawing and have yet to find anymore! Thanks!

From: Rich B, on Jul 22 2014
I am looking for Koh I noor Rapidomatic .3 .5 .7 and .9 ...preferably the one that says Japan on the clip. Mine were stolen from me and Im finding it very difficult to replace. Thank you in advance.

From: Paul H. Nagelberg, on Jun 17 2014
Collecting Vintage Mechanical Pencils & Bullet Pencils advertising Insurance Companies 1930-1970's.

From: John Wogec, on Apr 3 2014
I am looking for the mechanical pencil that was included in the rear seat vanity case of a 1929 Packard Sedan. Any chance anyone knows of one for sale?

From: John Wogec, on Apr 3 2014
I am looking for the mechanical pencil that was included in the rear seat vanity case of a 1929 Packard Sedan. Any chance anyone knows of one for sale?

From: susan sweet, on Nov 9 2013
Am seeking a Thoreau pencil as a gift for my boss. Please contact if you have one for sale. Thank you

From: Pleasant Hill Historical Society (MO), on Oct 9 2013
We are a local historical society for Pleasant Hill, MO. We are interested in pencils (or pens) with some connection to Pleasant Hill, Missouri, usually business advertising types. I will purchase them and donate to the society for display etc.

From: Paul H. Nagelberg, on Sep 25 2013
Looking to add to my Mechanical Pencil collection Vintage Mechanical Pencils advertising Life Insurance and Accident Insurance Companies from 1930-1970's.

From: casey krakowski, on Sep 2 2013
i am seeking alot of yikes pencils. at least 200 or more unsharpened. thank you. must be reasonably priced.

From: et, on Aug 26 2013
Seeking a few mechanical pencils: Parker Itala; Eberhard Faber Mictrotomic; and Tombow Zoom V472 Titan. If you have any of these I'm highly motivated. Thanks.

From: aline, on Aug 18 2013
I am looking for refills for my Revlon FINE LINE MECHANICLE EYELINER PENCIL, THEY COME IN A TUB OF 4 AND MAXFACTOR ALSO PUT OUT THE SAME PRODUCT, I will pay top price if anyone has any to sell or can tell me where to buy THEM

From: Aaron Godlewski, on Jul 23 2013
I am looking for Yikes pencils for my wife she is an Elementary teacher. Looking for at least 60 or more

From: Janine Kozanda, on Jun 13 2013
Would like to purchase some Eberhard Faber #342 Round Gilt pencils, grade HB/#2. They are black with a gold imprint, and have a pink eraser. I had some several years back and sold them but now wish to purchase again. I don't care if the erasers are good or not. They can also be sharpened or new. Thanks!

From: Grace M., on May 19 2013
I am looking for discontinued Prismacolor pencils: deco blue & aqua, the metallics blue, green and purple, also the neons. Thanks

From: Grace M., on May 19 2013
I am looking for discontinued Prismacolor pencils: deco blue & aqua, the metallics blue, green and purple, also the neons. Thanks

From: Pat Reddy, on May 10 2013
Looking for the Papermate American fancy assorted colors.Number 2 (Red,Blue,Green,Purple) for sale. Thanks

From: Jeff Briggs, on May 6 2013
I am looking to buy vintage ''baseball bat'' pen and pencil sets that were popular from the 30s throught the 60s. If you have any, or any information to find them other than ebay, please contact Jeff at Thank you.

From: Sacheen, on Apr 28 2013
Hello, I am reaching out to absolutely EVERYONE that seems to be in the "know" on pencils lol, I am trying to get my hands on a YELLOW TRANSPARENT pentel quicker clicker (the original with out the rubber grip) and a GREEN TRANSPARENT pentel quicker clicker (original) I have been able to track down the smoke, blue and red already but want to finish out my collection. If you have any leads or know of ANYONE that might be willing to sell me one or both I would really appreciate it (and yes I check Ebay EVERY DAY) thank you soooooo much

From: Reuben Sokol, on Mar 12 2013
Hi, I have some discontinued Prismacolor pencils available for sale, mainly metallics, also neon red and green and deco aqua blue.

From: Reuben Sokol, on Mar 12 2013
Hi, I am seeking Prismacolor neon orange, deco blue pencils and purple matellalic pencils.

From: Richard Smith, on Feb 24 2013
venus graphite 9H drawing pencils , would like to purchase

From: dinkerblue, on Feb 19 2013
I'm looking for the Sanford inkblot Pencil do u have any available Let me know how much thanks

From: Eric, on Feb 15 2013
Looking for Blaisdell Calculator 600 pencils. 1 to 2. Will pay handsomely. Email with serious inquires.

From: Ruben, on Jan 21 2013
Looking for Eberhard Faber ebony 6325 pencils, along with Prismacolor Eagle colored pencils in new condition preferably, but will consider used DOC.

From: Ben Mabry, on Jan 20 2013
I am seeking the Pentel (Accu Graph) PG2003 mechanical pencil, the version with the lead hardness indicator.

From: Tara, on Jan 12 2013
Looking for REVLON Fine Line brow pencil Refill in Light Brown. Will send $$ for product ASAP!

From: Dennis Sheron, on Jan 3 2013
I need a "period correct" (PC) pencil for 1862-1864 Civil War Living History event. In specific, I'm looking for any square lead pencil in a usable/displayable condition.

From: Pepper, on Dec 2 2012
Does anyone have the discontinued Revlon Mechanical eyebrow pencil refills in black? Have $$ / will send immediately.

From: Alex, on Nov 16 2012
Seeking any quantity of Eagle Daughting 314 pencils. Please email with details.

From: Steven Austin, on Nov 1 2012
I'm looking for any AW Faber Black Magic 850 Lead Pencils that anyone might have for sale. Another example of a fine product discontinued by the manufacturer. Looking for any in good shape.

From: Creed, on Sep 30 2012
I am currently looking for a berol eagle 224 "rubber" pencil. The writing on the pencil itself will say "berol eagle 224 hb usa 2". Email me if you have one in any halfway decent condition so we can make arrangements.

From: Keith Harvey, on Sep 19 2012
Don't laugh, but I am trying to buy an antique Thoreau pencil. I understand they are rarer than hen's teeth, and will cost a great sum. Does anyone have one to sell? Does anyone have any advice? I am not a collector, and am keen to hear from anyone who has words of hope or caution for my quest.

From: Rick Ordeman, on Sep 3 2012
I am looking for a mechanical pencil advertising Hollenkamp Brewing Company, or similar. Also interested in other pens or pencils or items advertising breweries from Dayton, Ohio. Please contact me at if you have any brewery items from Dayton, Ohio to sell.

From: Jeff Briggs, on Sep 2 2012
Hello, all. Looking for pencils from all across America that are sponsored by a bank or local business or chamber of commerce that have a local high school sports team's schedule for that year. Doesn't matter the sport or city or year. Vintage or new, interested in all. Bulk amounts, too! Thanks!

From: Eagle Seeker, on Aug 28 2012
I have only one "Sanford Eagle USA HB 2" Pencil left, I NEED MORE! Tell me where I can get them.

From: Rory Lasansky, on Aug 26 2012
Looking for Faber-Castell "Black Magic" drawing pencils. It would be nice is they were unused, but will be interested in any length. Thanks

From: Kim Forsythe, on Aug 13 2012
Any Yikes! pencils at all. Please, please, please!

From: EH, on Aug 10 2012
I am looking for Ticonderoga Executive Gold .9mm mechanical pencils. I've had one for years but recently lost the twist eraser top. I have looked online but was not able to find any. Please let me know if you happen to have some for sale or if you know of any stores that carry these. Thank you.

From: Jeff, on Aug 9 2012
seeking 60s,70s, 80s NFL, NBA, ABA, MLB, NHL, NAAPCO AND MLBPA pencils. Also interested in pencils from all across the country containing high school and college sports schedules

From: Jay, on Jul 17 2012
Am seeking any kind of steno pencil preferably with pencil co. name on it. They are usually skinny and double pointed. Thanks.

From: omerocrow, on Jun 3 2012
seeking Yikes colored resin pencils. any quantity. any price. Urgent!

From: Jay, on May 25 2012
Looking for 2 original Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602 pencils. Will pay reasonable price or trade. I have several spectracolor colored pencils and others.

From: Janine Valera, on May 19 2012
Hi everyone! I need help in seeking this pencil that has been eluding my boyfriend for years now. It's an EMPIRE PEDIGREE STENO pencil with /419. The pencil is light green and thinner than a normal pencil. The lead type is unknown to us. If anyone has any information on this pencil please contact me ASAP.

From: chermaine chung, on May 17 2012
Looking for Brownish./black lead for the Revlon Mechanical pencil. I am desperate to locate this item. Thanks

From: Richard, on Mar 28 2012
I am looking for a hexagonal all-black (matte finish or non-shiny plastic) mechanical pencil. Its lead is 0.5, it has a removable clip, a cap for its eraser, no grip, and is probably Japanese. I assume the production run was around 2001-ish. I do not know the name of the pencil but assure you I can point it out. I will pay any reasonable amount to obtain this.

From: MAX, on Mar 19 2012

From: Beth, on Mar 9 2012
Im looking for Venus Spectracolor colored pencils "1401" Thank you!

From: Ed, on Mar 8 2012
looking for a set of Design Spectracolor Pencils. Please email me if you know where I can find one, thanks

From: beth, on Mar 8 2012
Where can I buy, Venus Spectacolor colored pencils?????

From: Gwendolyn McCary, on Jan 28 2012
Hello, I'm looking for two pencil colors:Monastral Blue and Warm Sepia from the General Pencil Co. Multichrome 60-color set from 1960's. Still looking for Prismacolor True Gray 951,Venus Paradise Pale Pink 14,and Berol Canadiana 60-color pencil set

From: Lauren, on Jan 26 2012
I am in dire need of YIKES! pencils. Oh how I loved them. I really loved the triangle ones, but all of them are loved here!

From: Adam, on Dec 17 2011
Looking for Uni-ball Alpha Gel Pencil 0.5 mm original series (not HD)

From: Heather, on Dec 9 2011
I am seeking Design Spectracolor colored pencils. If anyone has a set or individual pencils, please email me and let me know. Thanks!

From: Deborah Lawson, on Oct 30 2011
Bonded Lead blue consumer Ruwe Pencil # 727 for Kindergarten students. Fat pencils. Nothing fancy.

From: Peter Oliva, on Oct 13 2011
I am looking for a new Pentel Technomatic PN3015

From: James Knight, on Sep 9 2011
Buying Blaisdell Hard 634-T paper pencils. Name your price, if you have one or a hundred I'll take them all at top TOP dollar. I can be reached at 208-413-1324 anytime. I will pay a $200 finder fee to anyone who connects me to a seller.

From: Tess, on Aug 27 2011
Looking for Blaisdell 600 Special Grade Calculator pencils.

From: Tess, on Aug 27 2011
Looking for graphite (not colored) Ben Franklin pencils by Blaisdell. Any hardness.

From: Kenyota Young, on Jul 26 2011
I am look for the Sanford Eagle #2 Pencil. I can seem to find them anywhere. Have they dropped of the face of the earth. I would like to order some .

From: Stephen Maloney, on Apr 26 2011
Looking for wholesale distributor of blank pastel green and pastel yellow standard length hexagonal pencils with gold bezel and red eraser.

From: antony andre', on Apr 21 2011
i have need of 10b, 11b, and 12b pencils.please contact me asap as a working artist sometimes available resources cannot supply artistic needs. thank you

From: Mai, on Apr 15 2011
Searching for old BIC mechanical pencils with opaque barrels and BLACK ERASERS. The new white erasers are horrible, but the pencils with black erasers have not been sold for years. Please contact me if you have any. I'd be interested in purchasing some. Prefer .7 thickness lead

From: cep201, on Mar 12 2011
Looking for refill for discontinued Revlon eybrow pencil either black or charcoal.

From: fern, on Mar 10 2011
looking for niji grip 350 and/or grip 500. also, ohto or yasutomo grip 350 or 500's. looking for pilot vanishing point as well. thank you.

From: annie, on Mar 3 2011
i am looking for DESIGN spectracolor pencils in particular the color BISTRE... does anyone know where i can find this color????

From: Deborah Robertson, on Feb 18 2011
I am looking for a set of striped NFL football pencils (28 in the set) from the late 70's/early 80's.

From: Jenn, on Feb 10 2011
Hi, I am looking for Eberhard Faber Princess School Pencils 1396 -- #2. Please contact me if you have any of these for sale or know where I might be able to find them. I will happily take hundreds of them.

From: Rick Thorpe, on Jan 27 2011
I'm looking for the original early 80s Pacer mechanical pencils made by PaperMate. I'm only too happy to buy any large or small amount. Please contact me if you have any information on this line also as I wish to document their history on a dedicated website to Pacers. Thank you!

From: Lina , on Jan 5 2011
I am looking for Pentech Natural wood pencils with blue metallic barrel and white eraser. They used to carry them only in CVS stores in NYC but I cannot find them anywhere...PLEASE HELP!

From: Emoskowitz, on Dec 26 2010
Looking for spectracolor pencils

From: Nawor M., on Dec 20 2010

From: Amy Waldron, on Dec 19 2010
I'm looking for the Hello Kitty tiny pencils that came in a plastic pouch with a fold-over snap (or any type container, actually). They aren't the size of regular pencils; they are maybe an inch long. I can't even find a photo to link to. Any help is greatly appreciated.

From: Matthew Law, on Nov 15 2010
Scratch that I'm looking for Ruwe pencils to buy. They are Heath bonded.

From: Matthew, on Nov 14 2010
I'm looking for pencils from the 80's made by a company called Heath if my memory serves me. Searched online and found nothing, anyone heard of these or seen any?

From: Jenna, on Nov 9 2010
I am looking for Eberhard Faber American Naturals Pencils HB many as I can get!

From: Tess, on Nov 3 2010
I am looking for Blackwing 602 by Eberhard Faber or those Blackwings imprinted especially for the Boston Athenaeum Museum in Boston. Thanks!

From: annie, on Oct 26 2010
I am looking for a set of DESIGN Spectracolor pencils. They were discontinued.. does anyone know where i can find it??

From: raquel, on Oct 25 2010
Looking for a good condition set of design spectracolor pencils. Thank you!

From: Anthony Kirkendhall, on Oct 15 2010
I am looking for to purchase the "Speed� 478 by Empire Pencil Co

From: Peter Chun, on Oct 12 2010
I'd really LOVE to find Berol Electronic Scorer...

From: Elinor Stephens, on Sep 9 2010
Desperately seeking REVLON. I am seeking the Revlon mechancial pencil and brownish/black leads.

From: Jason Dunn, on Sep 3 2010
Looking for Eberhard Faber Black Velvet. Please email if you have any available.

From: CAROL TUCKER, on Aug 10 2010
Revlon mechanical eyebrow pencils were discontinued years ago. But you can still purchase refills. 1888 465 5592. $3.30 each tube that holds 4, The best news is I've found a pencil that will hold them. Google Roger Russell k21 scripto pencil look for 1.1mm pencils. I just got mine, it's not perfect but it will hold the little crayon, you just have to work with it. I'm wearing perfect eyebrows for the 1st time in 25 years! Carol in Mississippi

From: Doug, on Jul 6 2010
Hello! I'm looking for Eagle "Radiolite" No. 85 pencils from the early 1970's. Thank you!

From: viktor, on Jun 15 2010
looking for mechanical pencil made by DIXON 1980-1995

From: dinosaur lover1, on Apr 14 2010
Desperately seeking yikes! pencils. Preferably non blunt. Purple and green preffered but not picky.

From: Lynn marsh, on Apr 6 2010
Desperately seeking vintage Koh-i-noor NEGRO pencil - Number ones. They do not make them anymore and I have been using them for 30 years. Whine!

From: Ines Giers, on Feb 25 2010
I am looking for DESIGN Spectracolor pencils!! Live in Germany so you should be ready to ship abroad! :-))

From: Donna, on Jan 31 2010
I am looking to buy prismacolor pencils. Oak Hill, Florida. I hope to get/buy all 132 colors for less then $50 if possible. used is ok. Run any price by me, but MUST be under $90. Skin tones wanted for anyone without full sets.

From: Jannet S-Dell, on Jan 31 2010
I am seeking the Revlon Fine Line mechanical pencil and/or the refills. I used these for many years and now that I'm older and have very little eyebrows, I really need to find this pencil. If any one knows where they can be found or has any suggestions as to where I should look for them, please let me know. Thanks very much for any help you can give me. Jannet in San Diego California

From: Leanne, on Jan 20 2010
I an seeking Prospector II orange pencils the color outside is orange and not green.They are #2

From: Gwendolyn McCary, on Jan 18 2010
Hi!! I'm DESPERATELY seeking two vintage Eagle Turquoise Prismacolor pencils: SKY BLUE-919 and TRUE GRAY-951.Also DESPERATELY seeking Berol or Sanford Canadiana 60-color pencil set. Any help is gratefully appreciated!!

From: Ant, on Jan 7 2010
I am in need of a stock of BLACKWING pencils and will pay big $$$/���.

From: MiKe Noland, on Jan 1 2010
I am looking for Spectracolor colored penicls, SILVER. I only need the Silver ones. Thanks.

From: Nishant Rupani, on Dec 8 2009
I am looking for the "Venus Copying 165 Medium". Please write me if anyone can help me. Regards, Nishant

From: Pascale, on Nov 22 2009
Does anyone contain a set of newly used design spectra colors

From: Tina, on Nov 18 2009

From: Marcus, on Oct 30 2009
Looking for lead pointer abrasive cup refill(s).

From: Jessica, on Oct 16 2009
As very few people that grew up in the 90's I am too looking for the vintage, YIKES! pencils. How can I get those in my hands?

From: Mark, on Sep 14 2009
Hi, I am a school teacher looking for Eberhard Faber Princess School Pencils 1396 -- either #2, #2.5, or F. Please contact me if you have any of these for sale or know where I might be able to find them. Thank you.

From: Pingkuen Fok, on Sep 7 2009
I'm looking for some Eberhard Faber MONGOL 482 No.2 pencil (woodclinched U.S.A). Does anyone want to sell some ?

From: Mike Fields, on Sep 5 2009
Looking for sets of Dixon Anadel coloring pencils withgold metal tops, assorted colors. These were probably from the 1960's, often in boxes of 12 or 24 asstd. colors. If you have these for sale, call me at 276-236-0307

From: Andy Welfle, on Aug 21 2009
I'm looking for some Yikes! pencils � at this point, I don't necessarily care if they are sharpened or unsharpened, well-used or gently used. I need one to review for the blog. Please email me if you have any leads!

From: Gwendolyn McCary, on Jul 5 2009
Hello! I'm looking for the Berol/Sanford Canadiana 60-color pencil set made in Canada. Also looking for vintage Eagle Prismacolor True Gray-951,Sky Blue-919,Dark Gray-936,Lt.Gray-937,&BerolPrismacolor Bright Blue Violet-999. Thanks!!

From: Lori, on Apr 14 2009
I am looking for Pentech Pure Color Wash Pencils. I love how these write and feel in my hand. I bought all that a store had a few years ago and my stock is down to three.

From: Scott, on Mar 22 2009
Looking for WHSmith (UK) Shorthand pencils that were stopped being produced around 10-12 years ago. They have a yellow coating with a code of EAN5159. Think the lead is a soft one. If you have any, please let me know, I am down to my last half dozen! Thanks Scott

From: Dave Nichols, on Mar 17 2009
I am looking for prismacolor pencils from the 80's & 90's. Newer sets no longer have many colors I have enjoyed, especially in the grays.

From: Linda, on Feb 25 2009
I am desperately seeking a Revlon Fineline eyebrow pencil. Please help!

From: Gwendolyn McCary, on Jan 20 2009
Seeking discontinued Prismacolor pencils- Blush 928,Grape 996, Brite Violet 998,Lt.Yellow Green 991,Purple 931, and Yellow Bice 990. Thanks!!

From: Alexander Taylor, on Dec 5 2008
I am looking for a supplier of Hex Pencils, with NO lettering on them. Am looking to purchase by the gross of each color as follows--Red, Blue, Green, White, Black and Yellow. I need them totally blank, so I imprint and sell them on ebay

From: Henry Schneiderman, on Nov 9 2008
Am seeking Eberhard Faber Colorbrite pencils, especially the ones with the rounded ferrules. Partially worn down/shortened/sharpened not a problem. They are no longer manufactured and they are my preferred pencil for drawing and note-taking.

From: Mimi Dixon, on Nov 8 2008
Does anyone have a box, or even a few unused singles, of the classic yellow FaberCastell VELVET 3557 # 1 pencil for sale somewhere out there in great-pencil land? Need to buy asap.

From: Mimi Dixon, on Nov 8 2008
Does anyone have a box, or even a few never used singles, of the classic yellow FaberCastell VELVET 3557 # 1 pencils for sale somewhere out there in great-pencil-land ??? Please respond asap to

From: Becky Paschall, on Nov 7 2008
I am looking for long skinny pencils. I once purchased these pencils at an airport. The pencils were actually made into arrows and fit in a leather quiver. I don't need arrow pencils but I have searched and searched for long SKINNY pencils. Can anyone help me?

From: Gwendolyn McCary, on Oct 6 2008
Seeking Venus Paradise Midnight Black#12 pencil and discontinued Prismacolor colored pencils.Also Laurentien Ocean Blue pencil. Thanks!

From: will pope, on Sep 27 2008
I am an artist and writer looking for Faber Castelle Blackwing 602's. I am willing to trade a painting for a collection of these (even a small collection, or a drawing for a just a few of them. I'm sure we can work something out - so please email. Also please check out my work at Many Thanks, and have a great day.

From: Joshua, on Sep 25 2008
I am looking for a pentel pencil similar to the PS350 model but the one I am looking for has a removable clip. Please send a picture so that i can confirm it is what I am looking for. thanks

From: Ashley Coll, on Sep 15 2008
am looking for Taupe and Light Brown REVLON Fineline Natural Brow Pencil refills. This item was discontinued by Revlon many years ago. Any help in finding this item would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Ashley

From: Mr.P.J.Panchal, on Sep 3 2008
We are manufacturing PENCIL LEAD MACHINERY Since last 40 years.If any requirement of PENCIL LEAD PLANT So Please Contact us at our e-mail id Mention above.We have Specialize in Manufacturig of Pecil Lead Manufacturing Machinery.our Company is located in State Ahmedabad,Gujarat(INDIA).

From: julined, on Aug 28 2008
I'm looking for a dozen or so Eberhard Faber Velvet 602 pencils for my dad's birthday.

From: S Crosby, on Aug 21 2008
WHSmith Shorthand Pencils (yellow with white band on top) Code EAN457 (I think). Thanks, Scott

From: Norma, on Jul 23 2008
So glad I stumbled upon this. I was panicking because my supply was nearing an end. I ordered fine line refills from They are perfect. Good luck to all of you.

From: Patricia , on Jul 19 2008
I am looking for the 'Light Brown' REVLON Fineline Natural Brow Pencil refills...(for the gold or metal holder.) This item was a error to not continue to many of us finer faced persons and we need it to be returned to us.

From: bev, on Jul 11 2008
Iam looking for a vintage Revlon metal eyebrow refillable fine line pencil please help

From: Candy Grandpre, on Jun 28 2008
I'm looking for latex rubber pencils. Also latex rubber recycled pencils & the Nickelodeon Yikes! pencils from the 90's. Any latex rubber pencils. Thanks.

From: Lori Lewis, on Jun 11 2008
I am looking for DANCE CARD PENCILS with the cords attached. If anyone knows who sells them please let me know. I heard rumor of a place called The Tiny Pencil Co. but can not locate it. THANKS! LORI

From: tammi, on May 22 2008
Hi, I am looking for the Roseart u.s.a. natural pencils. they were sold in packs of 10 or 12 and are a light .. natural...color. please help!

From: Debbie, on May 18 2008
I'm looking for contak 440 pencil. They're my favorite and I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know where i can find these. Thank you.

From: p, on May 9 2008
Hi Im looking for the Revlon mechcanial pencil that use the fine line refill Please contact me Thank You

From: steve trebotich, on May 7 2008
looking for a Pentel PN3015 Technomatic. Good condition hopefully. thanks

From: Moukie, on May 6 2008
As a child, my mom bought me a set of DESIGN SPECTRACOLOR colored pencils. Soon after that they were discontinued and I have only found them a few times since. If you have any, please let me know.... no other pencils have come close to the quality of the DESIGN SPECTRACOLOR for this aspiring artist.

From: Scott V, on May 3 2008
Seeking large, black Dixon Market(?) pencils.

From: Peter, on Apr 12 2008
Had some luck on this board a few years ago, still looking for more Berol Electronic Scorer 350 pencils. Some Berol "brands" are now being sold by Sanford � does anybody know if Sanford has the Electronic Scorer "recipe"? Thanks.

From: lis sam, on Apr 10 2008
Seeking for Revlon fineline natural Brow Pencil refills. Either black or dark brown. I have tried most other options but nothing like this item.

From: lis, on Apr 10 2008
Seeking for Revlon fineline natural Brow Pencil refills. Either black or dark brown. I have tried most other options but nothing like this item.

From: Joseph Dicarlo, on Feb 24 2008
I am seeking several vintage lead holders(old Draftsman not a dealer/collector.They are favorites that i lost over a long time. They are Fullerton 1030 made in the 50`s , Dietzgen 3162 60`s to the 80`s , Eagle Turquoise automatic 10 60`s , Eberhard Faber microtomic 617 60`s to 70`s , Frederick Post #2811 60`s , Teledyne Post 38mg10 60`s, Dixon designer 170 60`s , Kohinoor 5611 adapto 2Bto 6H 50`s to 70`s, Kohinoor adapto k 50`s , Universe 200 70`s . I would appreciate any leads or any for sale offers regarding these models and vintage. Previously i posted this under the general category . Home tel. 860 -9232 3176 office 1-781-466-5858. Many thanks .

From: Pirate John, on Feb 13 2008
Avast - Ye Wall Dogs, Sign Artists, and Billboard Painters of olde, hear my plea! Am running out of indelible, 'bleeder'pencils for use under lettering enamels. Old favorite is Eberhard Faber marked 'POTENT COPYING 746(red), for HECTOGRAPH use'.Will pay premium price to restore my supply, or obtain equivalent alternative. Thank you kindly.

From: l kayser, on Dec 14 2007
i too, am looking for a REVLON FINE LINE RETRACTABLE EYEBROW PENCIL. i will pay top dollar for one, either new or used. thank you.

From: Leona Ware, on Dec 9 2007
I am an artist and adore the Mephisto water coloring pencils which were made by L and C Hardmuth. Does anyone have any they would like to sell? Thanks, leona

From: Michael, on Nov 8 2007
I am seeking pencils made by The Drawing Board Inc. I know nothing about them and have only one in my possession - any info about them would be appreciated. The one I have says The Drawing Board Inc - The Director - Bonded Lead No. 2..."The Director" is in fancy script. Thanks. I am willing to spend.

From: Diane Haynes, on Nov 1 2007
Help, I'm searching for a Revlon Mechanical eyebrow pencil new or used, I've used this type pencil for 28 years, Last week mine was accidently broken. Many thanks, diane

From: Diane Haynes, on Nov 1 2007
Help, I'm desperatly searching for a Revlon mechanical eyebrow pencil new or used, I've used one for 28 years. My husband stepped on mine last week and it broke, I've just discovered Revlon no longer makes them. Thank you, diane

From: jen, on Oct 25 2007
I am an artist looking for any info on how to buy pencils wholesale. I was buying from roseart, but they have been taken over, it seems. I need a lot of pencils. Why? Here is my website, for an explanation; Any hints or clues would be greatly appreciated.

From: Jason Hanks, on Oct 17 2007
I am looking for "Mephisto Copy 73 b medium" pencils!!!I am also looking for Shaeffer 0.9 Mechanical pencils.Please email me if you have either of these for trade or sale!. Thanks.

From: Janine, on Aug 31 2007
Blackwing 602 - Would like to try legendary Blackwing 602. Can someone spare me a couple? Thanks! Will pay by Paypal. Prefer to buy from U.S. buyer to save on shipping.

From: Kim Rothlis, on Jul 29 2007
I am looking for a Pentel mechanical pencil 125 or earlier. Please contact me if you have one available.

From: Scott L. Hendrie, on Jul 20 2007
I would like to purchase Blackfeet Indian Pencils. I am an Artist that uses them to draw and sign prints. Scott L. Hendrie

From: Keith Turner, on Jul 5 2007
I am looking for Pentech pure natural pencils. They came 64ct in a wooden package. They are a natural color, have white eraser, and the metal that holds it on is blue. If you have seen them somewhere recently, or have some, I would very happily buy them from you. They are no longer able to be found in my area. Thank you very much! Keith Turner

From: Michele, on Jun 5 2007
I'm looking for pencils named "General's Badger" or "Carbo-weld Supreme" pencils. I don't know the manufacturer's name, but these were the words printed on the pencils. They were #2, yellow with pink erasers. Any info appreciated. Thanks. Michele

From: Robert, on May 20 2007
I am seeking new Blackfeet Indian Pencils with the white eraser tip.

From: Daniel Garcia, on May 20 2007
I�m looking for Mongol Pencils Ebehard Faber USA 482 #2,unusued. ( I�ll pay a high price for a box -12 pencils-).

From: mapd, on Apr 17 2007
Actually, seeking Pentech Softech Pen. Cannot find any! Do you know where I can get them??? Thanks!

From: ferdinand, on Mar 28 2007
seeking giant black pencil, must be sparkly, must be edible

From: Siwel, on Mar 27 2007
I am seeking the Blue-band Velvet no.2 pencils (Eberhardt-Faber)

From: henry, on Mar 23 2007
seeking bic criterium 2mm

From: John, on Mar 13 2007
I am searching for a couple of blackwing 602. email me if you havem'. I wanna see how day measure up against a "OHTO Super Promecha 1500S"

From: Michael Crisco, on Feb 20 2007
Seeking Pentel Twist-Erase QE405 Mechanical Pencils for purchase. Thank You in advance for information leading to my search. Appreciatively,

From: Sara, on Feb 20 2007

From: Sara, on Feb 20 2007
Hi I am looking for a certain type of Mechanical Pencil..The Pencil is made by BIC,it has a black eraser,different clored clips & the Barell of the Pencil is white with a paint splatter design,these pencils were part of the wavelenghts pencils designs that BIC made. I am also looking for the ones that have black erasers,black clips & have black & white design on the barell,also part of the BIC wavelenghts line.... IF U WISH 2 CORRESPOND WITH ME ABOUT THESE PENCILS PLEASE FEMALE ONLY POST A MESSAGE HERE FOR ME & I WILL CONACT YOU...THANK YOU -=)...

From: jerry, on Feb 11 2007
I am looking to purchase large lots of drawing pencils. Prismacolor, derwent, sanford, ect. looking to buy several thousand

From: Pirate John, on Feb 2 2007
Wall Dogs, Sign Artists & old school Bulletin Painters, hear my plea! Am running out of indelible,'bleeder' pencils for use under lettering enamels. Old favorite is Eberhard Faber marked 'Potent Copying' #746 red, for'hectograph use'. Unable to find equivalent alternative. Will pay premium price to restore my supply. Thank you kindly.

From: Elaine Washburn, on Jan 30 2007
I am seeking dance card pencils with tassels I need 500 any color

From: David Honeycutt, on Jan 13 2007
Can you help me locate the wonderful Pentech Rubberwriter pencils.. box or single pencils ?? Thank you, David

From: Dennis Fogleman, on Jan 11 2007
I am looking for the old Grip Stix pencils by PENTECH that were made back in the 80's. They were round and had finger notches going about half way up the pencil. Anyone know where these can be found?

From: Mark Woodard, on Jan 8 2007
I am looking for an example of a Mechanical Pencil invented by William Painter of Baltimore, MD. The patent number is 602,355 and the patent date is April 12, 1898. I believe he called it the "Everpoint". I don't know if it ever went into production. You can view the patent drawings and specifications here:

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