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From: Michael Callaghan, on Jun 13 2017
Have been remembering schools days and writing with ball point pens - namely the Eagle Fireball Stick Pen med & fine in blue red green and black, and the Venus Velvet pen-cil the ball point pen in the wooden barrel in red and blue. Couple years ago I came across a box of the Eagle Fileball and they all still write! would like to find either

From: CD King, on Apr 21 2017
Seeking a Milwaukee Pencil Dater, of the type used in libraries in the 1950s and sixties. They were designed to attach to a pencil for the purpose of stamping due dates.

From: Alan Sachs, on Apr 10 2017
I am looking for the shell of a pencil without the graphic inserted - just the wood with the passage in the middle where the graphite would be placed.

From: Debra Harper, on Sep 23 2016
Looking for Information about an Art Deco looking small wood and glass counter display case for Eagle Automatic Pencil's Thin Leads. I am looking to sell this only no leads in it..but can not find any information to determine a fair price. Have picture and diminsions

From: Tom Griffin, on Sep 22 2016
I am seeking pencil advertising blotters or pencil advertising items except for magazine cutouts. Please contact me if you have any of these items.

From: Steve Merkle, on Aug 17 2015
I am a public school teacher and recently stumbled across a personalized pencil stamped with the following info: Gene E. & Marcia Schmidt, Member #955 from Miami Shores, FL. As a teacher, I was curious to touch base with them or their family. Email me:

From: Andrea, on Jul 6 2015
We are manufacturer of all kinds of graphite pencil lead from 9H-12B, we supply our products to many famous pencil manufacturer in Japan,Germany,India,Pakistan,Turkey,Iran,Vietnam,Indonesia and so on. Welcome inquiry!

From: Darla Bullis, on Nov 25 2013
Large Pencil and Pen Collection for SALE! Approximately 10,000 pens and pencils combined from all over the world. My mother collected pens and pencils for over 40 years and when she died, I inherited the collection. I have had it for over 11 years and am now downsizing and looking to sell the collection. Please contact me if you are interested and would like more detail.

From: Dina Gmeinweiser, on May 21 2012
I have a Pedigree Quality Eraser manufactured by the Empire Pencil Company out of Shelbyville, TN on the original card for sale- upopenend- original price on card is .10 cents. Email me for link or pic!

From: James Knight, on Sep 10 2011
Paying TOP DOLLAR for Blaisdell Hard 634-T paper pencils. If you don't have them for sale, connect me to a seller and I will pay a handsome finders fee!

From: theresa burns, on Aug 2 2011
I have a red metal pencil box, on the back it shows wallace pencil co. U.S.A.. On the front it has a picture of the spirit of st. louis plane, a bust picture of "Lindy" and the words "WE" the "Spirit of St. Louis" and "Lindy" I have not found any information on this any help would be appreciated

From: Frank Liang, on Sep 20 2010
I like design spectracolor's vinyl case for 48 or 96 pencils. Please contact me if anyone has them for sale.

From: David Hanson, on Aug 12 2010
Is there a pencil sharpener (manual crank or electric) that can sharpen a golf pencil to the same point they come with from the factory? Standard pencil sharpeners eat up too much of the pencil with the long tip. It is curious for the billion or so golf pencils out there, I can not seem to find a pencil sharpener that will cut the same short tip factory point.

From: Angelo R. Governale III, on Feb 14 2010
I am currently looking for a manufacturer to produce and distribute our New Generation of Mechanical Pencil. Our pencil is currently patent pending.

From: Jannet S-Dell, on Jan 31 2010
I am looking for REVLON FINE LINE EYEBROW PENCIL & REFILLS in Auburn or a Med. BROWN. It used to come with 4 refills, but I'd be happy to find either the pencil or the refills. I would be interested in purchasing several if you have them. I used to use these pencils a lot and now that I'm older, I really need a Fine Line Pencil as they are the only brow makeup that made me look like I had any real eyebrows of my own! Thanks for any assistance or suggestions anyone can give me. Jannet, in San Diego, California

From: Stephen Barr, on Jan 17 2010
I am looking for replacement cups for a TruPoint lead sharpener.

From: D. Shipman, on Apr 6 2009
I would like to find a Milwaukee Pencil Dater, the metal date stamp that attaches to a pencil and is used by librarians. If any has a lead on this, please let me know. Thanks.

From: Will Nichols, on Nov 27 2008
25 brass pencil sharpeners for sale in liverpool. selling at house sale as part of bbc tv show Trash to Cash. Let me know if you are interested.

From: Mr.P.J.Panchal, on Sep 3 2008
We are manufacturing PENCIL LEAD MACHINERY Since last 40 years.If any requirement of PENCIL LEAD PLANT So Please Contact us at our e-mail id Mention above.We have Specialize in Manufacturig of Pecil Lead Manufacturing Machinery.our Company is located in State Ahmedabad,Gujarat(INDIA).

From: Dixie Walker, on Aug 16 2008
I have a pencil box, with wallace pencil co U S A on the bottom its green with a picture of a child on the front & the name Jackie.I have no idea of its age or worth but would like imformation or offers on it ty

From: vickiesaunders, on Jul 29 2008
sharpener for sale-slips onto pencil at either end with a harp shaped handle(?) or clip to hold while sharpening.Eagle patented dec.11,1906 no650 Simplex sharpener with carved eagle with open wings

From: Marlene, on Jul 11 2008
Desperate to find Revlon's Fine Line Eyebrow automatic pencil which holds the eyebrow lead

From: derek_, on Dec 6 2007
I'm just trying to find information on pencils that were super popular when I was in elementary school in the 80's. They were called Heavy Metals and I can't find anything at all about them. Thanks so much.

From: PANKAJ PANCHAL, on Jun 26 2007
We are manufacturing PENCIL LEAD MACHINERY Since last 40 years.If any requirement of PENCIL LEAD PLANT So Please Contact us at our e-mail id.

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