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From: Mitch B, on Jan 21 2018
I recently came across two six dozen boxes of Ticonderoga 1399 #2-5/10 and an almost full six dozen box of Ticonderoga 1395 #2. Are these of any collective worth?

From: Pat, on Aug 18 2017
Have a green Venus velvet-lined box No6050 with lift out tray containing several HBs, an unsharpened blue and red and pencil holder, lids(?) and tube of nibs but know nothing about it or how to sell. Any advice much appreciated.

From: Alan Sachs, on Apr 10 2017
I am looking for the shell of a pencil without the graphic inserted - just the wood with the passage in the middle where the graphite would be placed.

From: Jennie Dahlby, on Apr 3 2017
I have a box of Eberhard Faber pencils with The Three Little Pigs on the box. How to I find more information?

From: Daphnekropf, on Mar 20 2017
Have Eberhard Farber 2500 Hexagon degree 2 soft Public lead pencils. Are they of of value to anyone?

From: Drew Kennedy, on Nov 23 2016
SEEKING A RESTORATION PRESERVATION MENTOR/ADVISOR: Hello Fellow Enthusiasts: I am writing you re: preservation of Tressa Prisbrey's (Known as Grandma Prisbrey) Pencil/Pen collection and legacy. Please Google her and you will be inspired as well. I am a volunteer board member of Preserve Bottle Village Committee looking for a mentor to advise us on preservation tips to preserve her neglected collection that begs to be properly restored and preserved. I look forward to sharing a rare glimpse of her eclectic collection and any suggestions an expert collector may have on the ongoing preservation of her unique collections. Respectfully, Drew Kennedy

From: Nancy, on Nov 17 2016
Hi, I have a dozen pencils that I cannot find any information about. They are made in the USA and are branded with a crown and the words: Olympic Royalist 505 #2. If anyone has any information about this pencil brand, please let me know--your help is greatly appreciated.

From: Roberto Hodes, on Oct 12 2016
Good afternoon, I need to know where can I buy the "Design Spectracolor Pencil, Silver No. 1428" in Miami area, or to buy online to ship to Miami. Thanks. Best regards, Roberto.

From: Ashlei Bockover, on Sep 15 2016
Hi, my name is Ashlei Beckover and I am looking to start collecting pencils. I have collected various types over the years but never thought there are others like myself. I would like to join your organization. Thanks, Ashlei

From: Andres, on Aug 4 2016
Hello!!! I�m a Fine Arts teacher and I�m writing a "Drawing Course"

From: Kim West, on Mar 28 2016, > printed pencils and anything really

From: Igor Sergeev, on Mar 6 2016
Welcome to my write instrument collection. It includes pencils, pens and Markers. Here presented very small part / There is about 500 items from 1987/ I be glad you submit any messages/ Thanks

From: Sam Allen, on Jan 22 2016
Seeking information on a Fend Super Norma silver 6-Color lead mechanical Pencil.I have one and it's in very good condition.

From: Jp syverud, on Aug 23 2015
Looking for a few Thoreau pencils. My last one is down to a nub and need more! Please email me if you have any for sale. Thank you!

From: Chris, on Aug 21 2015
I have a blue box of 6 dozen Paramount Pencils, number 601, degree 2. The box says they are from Yates, Burns and Harris, Inc. in Detroit. Can anyone tell me anything about these or suggest what to do with them?

From: Bonnie Lawhorn, on May 24 2015
I'm looking for a Pencil Dater that was used in public libraries to stamp the due date. It would fit over the end of a pencil. I'd love to give as a give to my mother who will turn 88 in Nov.

From: Jenniffer, on Nov 5 2014
Looking for info on a Venus Pencil Co 6157 quill pen. It was marked as Made in Canada. The handle is wooden with a red rubber grip and has the quill nib.

From: chuck, on Sep 9 2014
I am looking for Berol's Water soluble graphite pencils ...all grades. Discontinued many years ago. Plain cedar pale wood barrels with oblique cut ends. May come in a plain blue 2 piece (top and bottom) box, devoid of script/illustration, large enough to hold six aforementioned pencil. Box has small brass colored eyelets (2EA.) to top cover. I own every other H20 soluble graphite pencil...they decided to quit making the best.

From: Darla Bullis, on Nov 25 2013
Large Pencil and Pen Collection for SALE! Approximately 10,000 pens and pencils combined from all over the world. My mother collected pens and pencils for over 40 years and when she died, I inherited the collection. I have had it for over 11 years and am now downsizing and looking to sell the collection. Please contact me if you are interested and would like more detail.

From: Tim Weaver, on Mar 28 2013
Hi, I have an industrial FR Ehrhardt (FEN) Pencil sharpening machine for sale, this is a serious piece of kit that will sharpen 10,000 pencils per hour plus. In full working order with sanding drum fitted. Serious enquiries only, thanks!

From: john murphy, on Mar 7 2013
Hi I have in my possession still in their original one gross box Venus "homeland" 715HB pencils. they are unsharpened and still in bundles of 12. Only 11 bundles left.

From: Donald Boyd, on Jul 13 2012
Hi I have two Windsor pencils, Gold metal case, short pencil when opened and other end is razor blade. What is this for? Please email me if you know, yes they are for sale, but interested in history

From: Kirk Norman, on Feb 2 2012
Assortment No. 1970 of Eagle Prismapastel Pencils by the Eagle Pencil Company, 8 greys (4 warm, 4 cold). This set is the original antique set, but never used and brand new looking, the pencils have never been sharpened. Made in the US in 1963, they include: warm grey dark 1961 warm grey medium 1962 warm grey light 1963 warm grey very light 1964 cold grey dark 1965 cold grey medium 1966 cold grey light 1967 cold grey very light 1968. Please respond with best offer.

From: David Benjamin, on Jan 22 2012
I am just starting out in collecting. I am interested in wood pencils from the 1920s and 1930s. Can someone recommend a list of must have pencils from this time period so I can begin my hunt? Thanks!

From: Luis Ramirez, on Nov 26 2011
Dear collectors. I'm from Uruguay (South America) and I wish offer for sale,several pieces of pencils and boxs, in VERY GOOD conditions from USA,Ingland,France,Germany,Czechkoslovakia,Swiss from MANY Years ago(some before WW II).I have pictures that I can send you. Greettings.!!!

From: Gloria Griffith, on Sep 1 2011
I have approximately 500 to 750 pens and pencils that my father collected for years. All are over 50 years old, and while nothing expensive, they are from different businesses and organizations. Excellent condition. I am ready to sell them.

From: Tracy, on Jun 9 2011
I am looking for Ritepoint Chromatic pen refills (red and blue ink). Please email me at Thanks!

From: George Colmenarejo, on Jun 4 2011
I collect advertising pencils as well as advertising pens and related items. Greetings from Argentina

From: PANKAJ PANCHAL, on Aug 7 2010
We are manufacturing PENCIL LEAD MACHINERY Since last 40 years.If any requirement of PENCIL LEAD PLANT So Please Contact us at our e-mail id Mention above.We have Specialize in Manufacturig of Pecil Lead Manufacturing Machinery.our Company is located in State Ahmedabad,Gujarat(INDIA).

From: Gyorgyi Peluce, on Jun 30 2010
Eberhard Faber Microtomic 603-HB woodclinched unsharpened in original box. set of 12 for $20

From: Gyorgyi Peluce, on Jun 30 2010
A. W. Faber Pre-WWII Made in Bavaria "CASTELL" Green unsharpened 8 pencils in metal "jousting" case $80

From: Gyorgyi Peluce, on Jun 30 2010
Blackwing 602, unsharpened, set of 12 in original box $350 Blackwing 602, unsharpened, set of 11 in original box $325. This ad has correct email.

From: , on Jun 22 2010
Our customers is interested about manufactured pencils. The pencil will be round or rectangular 6 Lead black / normal hardness and suitable for office and course introduction. Length of pen 17.5 cm. equipped with rubber, with or without rubber. Pencils exterior color should be dark blue or dark green or black. Is possible one colour printing to the barrel. Please informing prices for 1000 or 2000 pcs. and the price of printing and without printing. Our customers want samples of pencils so please send to us 2 pcs. each of models. Please inform the time of delivery, and postage or freight rate. Best regards LAHJA-PENSASMAA Veikko Pensasmaa Mastokatu 11 SF-15240 Lahti Finland Please send Cataloge 2010

From: Matt, on Jun 16 2010
I have a set of 36 Prismacolor pencils made by Eagle Pencil Co. They are in a gold flip-top box that snaps shut. The set is no. 954 and the box says they were made in Danbury CT. I believe they are from the mid 1960s. All have been sharpened but do not appear to have been used. Would these be of any interest to a collector?

From: Amit Chawla, on May 1 2010
We are manufacturer & Exporter of all kind of wooden lead Pencils for last 40 years in India.

From: Morgan, on Mar 14 2010
I am looking for Ritepoint Chromatic pen refills. Please contact me at the e-mail address given. Thank you!

From: will pope, on Jan 19 2010
I am an artist and writer, still looking for Faber Castelle Blackwing 602's. I am willing to trade a painting for a collection of these (even a small collection, or a drawing for a just a few of them. I'm sure we can work something out - so please email. Also please check out my work at Many Thanks, and have a great day.

From: Rebecca, on Mar 2 2009
Venus Blue Band Velvet pencils, box of 12, brand new. Some wear on the edges of the box, but the pencils have never been used. They were found in my grandfather's cabin after he passed away. I'm curious what the value of the pencils would be, if any?

From: Gwendolyn McCary, on Oct 29 2008
Seeking info on General's Multichrome 60-color pencil set made during the 1950's or the 1960's.

From: Mr.P.J.Panchal, on Sep 3 2008
Mr.PANKAJ PANCHAL, We are manufacturing PENCIL LEAD MACHINERY Since last 40 years.If any requirement of PENCIL LEAD PLANT So Please Contact us at our e-mail id Mention above.We have Specialize in Manufacturig of Pecil Lead Manufacturing Machinery.our Company is located in State Ahmedabad,Gujarat(INDIA).

From: Lolly Kozak, on Sep 2 2008
Looking for eyebrow pencil refills for a Hazel Bishop refill holder; seems to be 3mm or 1/8" in diameter(maximum).

From: Jeff Stover, on Apr 18 2008
i have 1 box of "Eagle Turquoise Prismacolor, 48 colors no.955." from 1936 according to the patent on the box. is there anyone who knows anything about these colored pencils, or interested in buying......

We are manufacturing AUTOMATIC PENCIL LEAD MANUFACTURING MACHINERY Sinces Last 40 years.And we are one in INDIA For this type of MACHINERY.IF any inquary So Please contact us. THANK YOU. PANKAJ J PANCHAL. ADRESS:- J.D.HOUSE,15,PRABHUPARK,Near WATER TANK,GOMTIPUR,AHMEDABAD-380021.GUJARAT,INDIA. CONTACT NO: OFFICE:079 22742166. MOBILE:+919426082582.

From: Joseph Dicarlo, on Feb 23 2008
I am seeking seceral vintage lead holders favorits (old Draftsman not a dealer/collector) They are Fullerton 1030 made in the 1950`s Dieztgen 3162 60`s to 80`s Eagle Turquoise automatic 10 60`s Eberhard Faber Microtomic 617 60`s to 70`s Frederic post #2811 60`s Teledyne post 38mg010 60`s Dixon designer 170 60 `s Kohinoor 5611 adapto k 50`s Kohinoor 5611 adapto 2b to 6h 50`s to 70`s Universe 200 70`s. I would appreciate any leads or for sale offers regarding these models and vintage. Thank you all.

From: keith, on Jun 16 2007
i have a silver retracting pencil the name on the side says spearpoint it also says on it souvenir british empire exhibition 1924 can anyone shed a little bit more light on this for me as i can't find anything about it on the net

From: Kwock Foo Choong, on May 29 2007
Does any one know what year hexagon shape pencil was created and why?

From: julia write, on Mar 23 2007
looking to buy french mechanical pencils bic crietium

From: John, on Mar 22 2007
... anyone got any good vintage or hard to get pencils/mechanical pencil for sale. ie eagle reporter's, 2 or 3 Blackwing 602's, blackfeet's, Faber-castell european distributed/sold TK-line mechanical pencil not availble to the north america market or the bic Criterium 2603 vintage or france only sold 2mm leadholder

From: John, on Mar 13 2007
I am searching for a couple of blackwing 602. email me if you havem'. I wanna see how day measure up against a "OHTO Super Promecha 1500S"

From: Kimberly, on Mar 8 2007
Hi I am also looking for a Pink PENTECH softech pen or refills for it. - Hi Nathan @ junk3 at kinglily dot com did you find one?? Thanks a bunch. Kimberly

From: Dave Kozyk, on Feb 5 2007
I have a Mickey mouse Dixon student set from 1937. Theres pictures of mickey + the 3 ducks- Donald on back cover. Inside there is a pen,pencil,crayon,and a ruler - Any info. on whats it worth?

From: Marvin Brodsky, on Jan 27 2007
I am looking for Ritepoint Chromatic pen refills. Please contact me at the e-mail address given. Thank you!

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