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From: Davis Bechtol, on Aug 22 2018
I have a large pencil collection I would like to sell.

From: J Smith, on Aug 7 2018
I have a very rare unopened box set of 36 new Eaglecolor Colored Pencils up for auction on eBay. (Pre PrismaColor era.) Bidding starting at $60.

From: Ron Purtle, on Feb 25 2018
Venus-Velvet 3557 No.3. Unsharpened. Blue ferrule in the low position. I have 6. Looking for a good home. $5 for the lot (plus postage).

From: Kim Langlais, on Jan 23 2018
Newer Pencil Styles for Kids Collections Including Metallics, Educational & Christian Themed Plus More...Nice Selection!

From: Harold Giersch, on Jan 22 2018
1972 George Wallace for President pencil. Picture on request. Best offer. Other military, elementary school, bank examples.

From: Richard Brandt, on Nov 6 2017
One hundred plus pencils dating back almost 100 years. 3 generations of collectors. Needs a good home, make offer

From: Bill, on Jun 27 2017
Mid 50's to mid 60's collection. Past member of American pencil collectors society with many from early early members. Mine was nr. 160. Many fancy pencils also. Without counting,there are 500-600. Can detail collection if interested. Need to find good home. Make offer.

From: Ron, on Jun 14 2017
Collection of Bullet Pencils for Sale

From: Mary, on May 9 2017
3 mint condition boxes Wallace Motif #6002 Carmine never sharpened. 1 dozen in box 1 dozen out of box Wallace blue #4001 never sharpened. 2 dozen Eberhard Faber Ebony #6325.

From: Mary, on May 9 2017
Three mint condition never sharpened Wallace motif #6002 Carmine boxes of 12. 2 dozen Eberhard Faber Ebony jet black extra smooth #6325. 1 dozen Wallace blue #4001. All pencils are mint never sharpened.

From: LMadril, on Mar 28 2017
Sale or Trade Prismacolor Neons. Original sharpen, minimal use. Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, and Neon Green. I have two Neon Yellow, one has darker paint than the other but the same pencil colour.

From: LMadril, on Mar 28 2017
Sale or Trade I have I think a full run of the Deco pencils that I am willing to sell. First sharpen, minimal use. Deco Peach, Deco Orange, Deco Pink, Deco Yellow, Deco Aqua and Deco Blue. A little grubby since theyve been sitting around in my pencil case for ages.

From: LMadril, on Mar 28 2017
Two Berol Prismacolor 'Metallic Rose' for sale or trade. Both have first sharpen and minimal use. Why I ended up with three I can't tell you!

From: Ron, on Mar 1 2017
I have a thousand pencils and some pens (Collection) for sale. Pictures can be provided.

From: Clara, on Feb 2 2017

From: Jen, on Nov 7 2016
over 20 years of a collection- for sale. reasonable offer. Some novelty, sports, some in original packages, businesses will send photos to anyone interested, Located in USA, CT

From: jean2ann, on Oct 31 2016
Pencil Collection for sale. $45.00 Professional Business pencil collector's personal collection. Over 90% of the pencils are used. The business card from the business included. The business based in Springfield, IL and the original owner is now deceased. Estimating at least 20-30 years deceased.

From: Meg Gottstein, on Jul 23 2016
1970s vintage United Pencil Co. (Merrick, New York) thick 1/8 inch diameter and 7 inch long pencils, can sharpen at either end (no eraser) POWDER BLUE color. Excellent condition in original box. Approximately 200 available.

From: Sam Allen, on Feb 15 2016
Fend Norma #900 --6-Color Mechanical Lead Pencil,Can send pictures Not a dealer,In Longview,Texas

From: Mike G, on Nov 17 2015
Hello, trying to replace BW 602 collection that was lost in the recent SC flood. I found most of the pre-1960s, but am looking for Faber Castell Blue & Black box and post-1994 Faber Eberhard "remakes"

From: Victor Rathbone, on Oct 21 2015
Dear Pencil Collectors: I have a large pencil collection that I wish to sell. They include A.W.Faber, L.& C. Hardtmuth, Eberhard Faber, Johann Faber, etc. Most in original cardboard cases or metal cases.If interested pls. contact me and I'll send you a zip file with pictures and a description of the pencils. Thank you.

From: Danny Simpson, on Jul 3 2015
I was a member #515 during the 1960's I have several hundred pencils and ballpoint pens. They are for sale for a cheap price. If interested email me.

From: Megan, on Jun 19 2015
I have 5 packs of yikes pencils for sale.

From: Ziskind R Lieb, on Feb 8 2015
I have a quantity (several dozen) of IBM Electrographic wooden pencils in new condition. Will sell entire lot or individual dozens.

From: Ziskind R Lieb, on Feb 8 2015
I have a quantity (several dozen) of IBM Electrographic wooden pencils in new condition. Will sell entire lot or individual dozens.

From: Piyush agarwal , on Jan 31 2015
I have antique pencil 8 dozens all imported of different company and macanical pencil with nib and holder 4 sets contact on mail

From: ceramicland, on Nov 29 2014
I have several vintage wood and drafting pencils and leadholders/mechanical pencils from my collection that are being sold now on my Etsy site: Go to Etsy and enter Ceramicland to go to my shop. Thanks for looking them over. Blackwing 602, Van Dyke 601, Microtomic, Venus, Eberhard Faber, ect.

From: El, on Oct 9 2014
interested in original blackwing 602, pencils, erasers and sharpeners, mostly the pencils, thanks

From: et, on May 21 2014
Vintage Parker Duofold "Big Bro" mechanical pencil. Excellent condition. Good imprint.Works perfectly. Email for pictures.

From: et, on May 21 2014
Vintage AutoPoint Black with Red accents mechanical pencil. "American Meter Company, Inc." engraved. Almost perfect condition. Works perfectly. Email for pictures.

From: c. brown, on Feb 23 2014
Vintage new A.W. Faber USA Jet Black-New Writer 3370- very soft 12pk in original sleeve

From: Monica McCormick, on Oct 23 2013
I have a prismacolor Deco Blue unsharpened pencil (gold letter). I have only 1 pencil. I will take the best offer.

From: Henry, on Oct 5 2013
I have a brand new set of Design Spectracolor pencils by Eberhard Faber, 96 color set with easel stand, all with factory sharpened point please contact me via email with offers

From: Myke, on Jul 23 2013
I have a 4+ pound box of pencils see my ad on ebay if you are interested make a offer here. there are so many unused and used, for me it is to much time to research all, i did do several, lots of WWII era. my ebay name is myke5845

From: Casey, on Jul 9 2013
I have five of the original black wing 602 pencils in the original blue box. They are not sharpened and in great condition. They are from the 1940's. Want to add them to your collection today? Send me an offer.

From: mafer jsh, on Jun 20 2013
** Selling 60 color Design SPECTRACOLOR pencils case US$70= Most of them are barely used which are at the upper label while the rest are in between: regular and pretty used. Price is US dollars. Shipping will be from Colombia and payed by buyer. Any questions? please email me :) Thanks!

From: Simon Kirk, on Jun 7 2013
I have a collection of just over 800 pencils that I have accumulated over many years. All are in very good condition, kept in an air tight box that stays away from strong light sources and damp. I am 32 years old and have spent 90% of that time collecting pencils from various locations in the UK and some from European countries also. Mostly collected by my mum when she was travelling for work and from my dad who would also pick them up to give me for xmas. As I say, I have over 800 or so now and would like to sell them to somebody with a good home. Some date back to the 70's but most are 80's, 90's and 00's. If you are interested in taking these I'd welcome your communication. Thank you Simon

From: Jane Franklin, on May 24 2013
I have a Venus pencil box comprising two pencils, one nib pen, a six inch ruler and an eraser (which has deteriorated). The set is from 1937 and was to commemorate Edward V111 becoming the King. Edward reigned for less than one year and was never crowned. He abdicated in favour of marrying the American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Each pencil has LONG LIVE THE KING! printed on it. Along with Edward V111 Crowned Mar 1937.

From: KC , on May 1 2013
I have a set of five brand new Yikes pencils. Never been used erasers clean. Also comes with two never used Yikes triangle erasers.

From: Johann, on Mar 25 2013
Huge collection of Rehbach Regensburg Germany Pecils + others for sale. Mostly from 1900 up to 1935. Many origial Boxes + some original Invoices + piczures from this time.

From: john murphy, on Mar 7 2013
I have in my possession a box of Venus "homeland" pencils 715HB. They are still in the original box which states one gross, but there are only 11 bundles of 12.

From: Bara Jichova, on Feb 6 2013
Hi. I am woman from Czech Republic living in NYC and I inherited collection of maybe 1000's of pencils and other writing tools from my father, who was avid collector all his life. The brand is mostly KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH. Is there any pencil museum or collector who could possible advice me on what would be the best way to give another life to this collection?

From: D. White, on Aug 7 2012
Johann Faber Apollo Polygrade Drawing Pencils 15 degrees No 1250 includes original cardboard box of full 10 pencils - one has been sharpened

From: Eric Cooper, on Jul 23 2012
I recently found a full box ( one half gross ) of Ruwe Granite 555 unsharpned pencils. If anyone is interested, please contact me via email

From: Neil, on Jul 8 2012
I am selling 1 unopened pack of Faber Castell 28 NFL team pencils from the 1970's or 80's in my Etsy shop. Go to and click on "Neil's Nicknacks" in the left column. I will ship it to you for free if bought in July. See the top of my Etsy homepage for details.

From: Lisa H., on Jul 4 2012
I am selling my pencil collection- exactly 692 pencils of varying ages, sizes, and designs. No two are a like, and all are unsharpened/unused. Contact me if interested!

From: Joyce Gladden, on Jun 22 2012
I have an assortment of vintage pencils comparable to the Blackwing, dark and smooth(including the new Palominos) listed on ebay item #251091961757. These are all part of the "for want of a blackwing " list and include discontinued pencils that may be a substitute or for comparison.

From: David Kopack, on Mar 20 2012
Vintage! PENCILS Bonded NATIONALS Thor 422 No 2 @ Lot 144 Gross w/RETAIL BOX on Ebay!

From: Leo A Polak III, on Feb 12 2012
lot of 97 mixed pencils, some advertising and souvenir (disney world, fort niagara), mostly novelty (holidays, sports, etc). only asking $5.20 (paypal preferred) for the usps small flat rate box to ship. email me if you'd like to see a pic.

From: Johnathon Duke, on Jan 1 2012
Collection of assorted pencils(approximatly 250) from my childhood need a new caretaker. Mostly from a family vacation spots or interesting shapes. Will send pictures if desired.

From: DENNIS BULL, on Aug 10 2011
FOR SALE: Vintage Eagle Reporters and Stenographers Chemi-Sealed number 300 pencils; two boxes, each containing six unused pencils. FOR SALE: Vintage Mongol Stenographic 596 Eberhard Faber USA Pencils; two boxes, each containing 12 unused pencils.

From: Mike , on May 9 2011
My daughter has aprox 600 advertising pencils from different buissnes that she would like to sell.she is going on a trip out of state and would like a little extra spending cash.Most are from all over Iowa and some from other states.all are unused.most are 20 + years old and some 10 years old.they are all different and none are the same.she would like $25 for all and we can ship for a extra $5.

From: Janine, on Jan 1 2011
Assorted Microtomic drawing pencils with square erasers. B and 5B hardness. 9 of the B (2 are sharpened, 7 unsharpened). 6 of the 5B (4 are unsharpened, 2 are sharpened). Also includes a yellow/white EF box. $40 plus postage for all.

From: Brian Walters, on Nov 9 2010
UPDATE: I miscounted actual existing teams for NFL and NBA. I have all team pencils from both leagues. The 30 and 32 counts were duplicate pencils. Also, I have a New York Knickerbockers pencil as well as the New York Knicks pencil from the same collection.

From: Brian, on Oct 29 2010
I have 2 complete sets of NBA(32) and NFL(30) pencils (never used) from the late 1980's. I would judge them to be in A- condition. If interested, please e-mail.

From: Luca, on Oct 25 2010
I have 4 pencils for sale from italian rail offices (ferrovie dello stato) dated aprox 1965. Never used. I can send pictures. Let me know by email. thanks

From: Samantha Remesz, on Sep 11 2010
DESIGN Spectracolor 96 piece pencil set in black vinyl case- these are used some more than others but all of them are still here. A full pencil appears to be just over 7 inches and the most used one (Cold Gray/ Very Light) in just under 5 inches long still.

From: Scott Lloyd, on Sep 1 2010
I have a half gross of New Old Stock (NOS) Empire Pencil Company Indelible pencils. Round, purple, untipped #703-U. New indelible pencils cost $ 1.25 each, these haven't been made in years. Will sacrifice for $ 72.00 for all or $ 15.00 per dozen (shipping not included)

From: john oconnell, on Aug 1 2010
i have a number 217 honister cumberland pencil company ltd 1940 carpenters pencil for sale(from the uk)

From: bryan, on Jul 21 2010

From: Brooke Monson, on Jul 16 2010
One John Eberhard Faber Microtomic Woodclinched 2H pencil with metal cased eraser I have had this since 1956 or slightly later this was from Long Island New York, Grumman Airospace Engineering Corp. NY Used! willing to sell this make me an offer!

From: Liz White, on Jul 8 2010
I have acquired a large collection of advertising and novelty pencils dating to the early 1950's. Some are from other countries and include 1 from England's Queen Elizabeth's coronation. There are pencils with aspirin and a multitude of others...probably 200-300 in total. Although I have no idea of the value of this collection, I will be interested in offers. Thanks, Liz

From: Gyorgyi Peluce, on Jun 30 2010
Blackwing 602, unsharpened, set of 12 in original box $350 Blackwing 602, unsharpened, set of 11 in original box $325

From: Rudy, on Apr 9 2010
ORIGINAL PIZZA HUT PENCILS: THEESE DO NOT EVEN SHOW A TRADEMARK. Do not know the value, and would appreciate feedback as to value. Have about 24 but would like to sell in ONES or THREES.Furnish phone # and I will call you.

From: Rudy, on Apr 9 2010
ORIGINAL PIZZA HUT PENCILS: THEESE DO NOT EVEN SHOW A TRADEMARK. Do not know the value, and would appreciate feedback as to value. Have about 24 but would like to sell in ONES or THREES.Furnish phone # and I will call you.

From: Lynn marsh, on Apr 6 2010
Desperately seeking vintage Koh-i-noor NEGRO pencil - Number ones. They do not make them anymore and I have been using them for 30 years. Whine!

From: eleni Makris, on Mar 28 2010
Twenty vintage pencils (1950s and possible some 1940s) All in perfect condition, unsharpened and unused erasers. Most are advertising old flour companies in the Midest. $150 for all. contact Eleni

From: Vaibhav Jain, on Mar 10 2010
We manufactures good quality graphite lead wooden pencils.

From: Vaibhav Jain, on Mar 10 2010
We manufactures good quality graphite lead wooden pencils.

From: Maria, on Dec 28 2009
**DESIGN SPECTRACOLOR** pencils for sale. Never used box of 96 Design Spectracolor pencils. If you are interested please send me an email. Thank you :)

From: joey Hamm, on Dec 2 2009
I have all 1980 NFC vintage number 2 faber castell pencils in mint condition. If interested email me @

From: heather lawler, on Nov 10 2009
I have 140 wooden lead pencils mostly souvenirs, some advertising, some commemorative going back over 50 years. Is anyone interested in them?

From: Richard H., on Oct 8 2009
I would like to sell 2 gross (288) Musgrave no. 320 "Harvest" with no. 3 lead. Also, 1 gross Musgrave no. 909 with no. 2 4/8 (2.5) lead. The only way I could get them was in a large amount. I've kept what I need and want to sell the balance.

From: lakan, on Oct 4 2009
For Sale: NOS second generation ROTRING 600 TRIO PEN in silver. one blue biro, one red biro, and one 0.7 PENCIL. $150 or best offer. paypal only. pen will be shipped from the philippines through registered mail via a paypal accredited courier.

From: lakan, on Sep 30 2009
for sale: two ROTRING 600 OLD STYLE (with knurling!) pencils with Rotring 600 and lead size imprint. thing near the push button rotates so you know what lead grade you have inside (HB, etc.). never used, came as NOS. will be shipped with their original Rotring paper boxes with plastic windows. both are 0.5 mm lead size, one black one silver.

From: Chris K, on Sep 17 2009
Six (6) Blackwing 602s for sale: 4 are unsharpened, one is 6.75 inches and the last is >5.5 inches. 50$, including shipping to US. Seller wants pencils to go to a person who will use them (not a dealer) and requests evidence after their delivery how they have been used.

From: Dan Dalal, on Aug 24 2009
I have several dozen unsharpened Moon Pencil Tri-Rex (B21-T) wood pencils for sale. These have the ferrule and eraser. Unlike the regular Tri-Rex B21-T, these are not painted or laquered, but raw wood pencils. Great to hold and use and ideal for young children or people with arm & wrist grasping issues. Please email me for more information. A beautiful, American-made pencil that's not like any other.

From: Steve, on Jul 25 2009

From: Sarah Semyonov, on Jun 18 2009
I have about 5 boxes of unsharpened pencils I collected throughout the 80's and into the 90's. Most have character tops on them (Disney, cartoon characters) and some are just plain with designs or sayings on them. I know that some of my Disney ones are very rare and hard to find now. I am moving and do not want these anymore. Please contact me and make an offer! Unsure how many I have but am guessing around 250.

From: john terence williams, on May 5 2009
have a collection of unsharpened boxes of old pencils about 50 different types manhattan - want to sell to collector all in good condition

From: Dan Dalal, on Apr 30 2009
MADE IN THE USA Genuine Cedar pencils made by General Pencil in NJ. The LEARNER #932 No-Roll large barrel (red color) pencil. The core is of excellent quality and very smooth to write with. An ideal pencil for youngsters or those with hand/finger/grip issues. I have several dozen of these, not sharpened available for sale. Please email me for more info. Thanks.

From: Suzanne Fisher, on Apr 29 2009
Coming soon. Dance card pencils. Slim 4" pencils on silk cord. Perfect for debutantes, Victorian dances, Cotillion Balls.

From: ES, on Feb 2 2009
I have my childhood collection of hundreds of unsharpened pencils all purchased in 1986. Almost all feature erasers or shapes geared towards children on top. I can provide photos. Make me an offer...

From: Indus Pencils Industries Pvt. Ltd., on Jan 5 2009
Indus Pencils Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the largest Pencils Manufacturers in Pakistan.

From: Janine Kozanda, on Nov 19 2008
Eberhard Faber - Vintage Pencils/Half Gross. (72) Round Gilt #2. Cool Box - red, white, black. One pencil has been sharpened. One is missing. Pristine condition. Erasers are also good. Asking $25.00 plus postage. Pay pal preferred.

From: colleen, on Nov 11 2008
Venus Blue Band No.2 soft in original box. have 8 left, of 12.

From: Mr.P.J.Panchal, on Sep 3 2008
We are manufacturing PENCIL LEAD MACHINERY Since last 40 years.If any requirement of PENCIL LEAD PLANT So Please Contact us at our e-mail id Mention above.We have Specialize in Manufacturig of Pecil Lead Manufacturing Machinery.our Company is located in State Ahmedabad,Gujarat(INDIA).

From: Jerry, on Apr 13 2008
I have a large number of WILSON & CO. on one side and Certified CORNED BEEF HASH on the other side the size is 13/32 X 7 3/4 black lead with eraser They are from Chicago meat packing company may be 1920 to 1950 don't know the year? Thanks Jerry P.S. I have the box they came in to.

March 5, 2008
BLACKWING 602 Faber Castell Pencils - Box of 8 Mint condition. Unsharpened and unused. The erasers are still pliable! For sale on ebay:

From: James, on Nov 7 2007
sorry.. previous post is not entirely correct.. pencils are from Syracuse NY not Brewerton (that is the road heh).

From: James, on Nov 7 2007
About 50 pencils from the Strike and Spare lanes in Brewerton NY circa mid 1950's. These appear to be in great shape and pictures available on request. I don't know the value so make an offer. Thanks

From: Erin, on Oct 25 2007
I collected pencils as a child and have two shoeboxes full, as well as some larger ones which don't fit inside the boxes - total being around 300 something pencils. There is quite a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, etc. I have not categorized them and would not be sure of having a specific pencil, but you can ask all the same. I need to earn some extra money right now to pay off debts and would like to sell the whole collection. Please email me with an offer or call me at 503-548-8454.

From: Jason Hanks, on Oct 17 2007
I have what seems to be the "holy grail" for animators and cartoonists alike.The Blaisdell LAYOUT pencil!!!! I received this pencil in a sample portfolio Blaisdell would give out to buisness's to try out...It has only been used what seems to be only once or twice and the color is a very nice olive-green. please email me for pics and price inquiries.

From: John Davis, on Jun 25 2007
O'BON Recycled pencils are now on sale at The site is up and working just fine. Also, lots of O'BON pencil news at our blog Pencil addicts need to check these pencils out.

From: Rudy Reissig, on Jun 18 2007

From: Peter, on Jun 10 2007
If you need plenty of NUMBER 2 pencils, I have them. A total of 70 cases, 17,712 dozen or 212,544 pencils. All new with eracers never sharpened in new original boxes. I am in Illinois. Please DO NOT ask for pencils to be donated unless you are will to pay for them. I already mad many hefty donations on my behalf. If you pay, I will be happy to donate them on your behalf ! 51 cases contain 240 dozen in 1 dozen boxes GREAT for Dollar Store. 19 Cases contain 288 dozen in boxes of 96. Call with reasonable offers. ALL reasonable offers will be reviewed. It is the reasonablity of the buyer to arrange p/u and shippng. Call now: 630.443.9902

From: Peter, on Jun 10 2007
If you need plenty of pencils, I have them. A total of 70 cases, 17,712 dozen or 212,544 pencils. All new with eracers never sharpened in new original boxes. I am in Illinois. Please DO NOT ask for pencils to be donated unless you are will to pay for them. I already mad many hefty donations on my behalf. If you pay, I will be happy to donate them on your behalf ! 51 cases contain 240 dozen in 1 dozen boxes GREAT for Dollar Store. 19 Cases contain 288 dozen in doxes of 96. Call with reasonable offers. ALL reasonable offers will be reviewed. It is the reasonablity of the buyer to arrange p/u and shippng. Call now: 630.443.9902

From: jerry, on May 31 2007
I have thousands of prismacolor and spectracolor pencils for sale contact me for details

From: larry price, on May 22 2007
I have some Dixon's typhonite eldorado pencils with tree Joseph Dixon Crucible boxes(5 unsharpened),A.W. Faber "castell,Eagle "chemi sealed" turquoise(2 unsharpened),and one Venus Drawing pencil for sale.please contact by email. Thanks

From: Jennifer, on Jan 4 2007
I have an unused case of Eagle Pencil Co., no.301 Shorthandy pencils. The only date I see on the box is Copyright 1938. They are pretty old I think. The case contains 12 unused boxes of pencils. Each box contains 6 pencils. Each pencil is double sided. They have 5 inches of black lead for shorthand & 2 inches of red lead. Please email me with any information you might have on prices or anyone interested in buying these. Thank you!

From: Kristin, on Jan 4 2007
I have pencils with fun tops from my childhood for sale....disney, frogs, frying pan, bunny, whistle, etc. See

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