My Pencil Made Me Well

by Anjum Wasim Dar
(used with permission)

Dear Writers,

Have you ever thought ... No, you must have, 'That how valuable pencils are?' The pencil point these days has become a flat surfaced button ... well for me the long slim sleek colorful object is a golden piece of eight; a priceless possession.

Ever since awareness of being alive touched my mind soul and spirit I found out that my closest friends and companions were materials for writing coloring and drawing ... pencils of all kinds, not often new, but reduced in size, chewed a bit at the end. They would be small color pencils mostly because the larger ones were expensive. Another awareness!! Pencils made in USA which somehow always reflected yellow color and had a deep red eraser at the other end. Faber Castell HB 2 Drawing pencil ... and then came Deer....Oh Dear , Oh Dear, Korean multi colored, transparent - AH! What a thrill to see the lead inside. What is it that writes? What is it that creates those lovely patterns? What is it that traces the mystic mazes on the empty spaces?

And then....

Pencils in front of me
Pencils beside me
pencils to the left of me
pencils to the right of me
A pencil in my hand, all the time a diary within reach
I think I dream I talk I speak I write and I love to Teach;

Once illness made me still, I could not move my body I was so weak, but I could hold a pencil, and I had strength enough to slide it across the page while I was glued to the bed. I found out that a pencil would take less energy to write and what was written could be changed.
When there was no one there was my pencil. It gave me security. It gave me courage. It kept my mind alive. I thought with it. I spoke to it, it spoke to me. It gave me ideas. It made me move on in time. As the days passed, my illness slowly faded away; the pencil under my pillow said 'I will be well' see how I am? A little bit is used at a time and then refreshed, turned, twisted, forced and sharpened and shaped, ready to begin work again.
Slowly I play my part and fade away; as I grow little I am then put away in a box I am now small and thin. I look around and I see at least four pencil containers. They are two each on my two writing tables ... yes two ... the third table is for the computer, and all have my pencils, all are braving the world with me.

So keep

  • more than one pencil container preferably mugs, they look nice and have attractive pictures designs and quotes on them
  • your pencils sharpened , a ready pencil saves time and ideas;
  • mixed color pencils in one container. .they inspire and encourage;
  • pencils with erasers..they keep your mind focused;
  • light and dark pencils give variety of style and development of variegated thoughts

    My stories are many, as many as my pencils, I have a Teachers pencil and a Dreamworks LLC Aardman pencil ... ever heard of this one? I am well now and have begun my travels. From USA to UK, that reminds me of the precious pencil from the UK, from the land of Robin Hood of Nottingham. I can see the green cap with the feather on it. Lovely! The other from England is shaped like a STOP sign at the end and is red and white in color, a reminder of Conservative Traditions, Rules and Regulations. It is a good sign, keeps us disciplined. So the journey continues, and I sing as I write, 'My heart will go on, My pencil will go on.......on ... more on pencils and pens to come.'

    Anjum Wasim Dar
    Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • Contributed by Anjum Wasim Dar, web page © 2006