A short essay on Pencil Collecting, submitted by Anthony Polise

Some say that I should stop collecting pencils and that I'm out of my mind becuase pencils are worth nothing, but I say to them, Why, for are not pencils the very heart of what builds the complex nation that we live in today? Are not pencils, the very spirit of what we strive for everyday? They provide an efficent way to communicate on paper and still not yeild the right of the eraser. Are not pencils truly the glue that holds together the gears that toil everyday for the welfare of the United States of America? I say so, for collecting pencils has meaning, it shows that I appreciate that something so simple as a thin stick of wood and graphite can bear so much heavy weight on its shoulders. Pencils of world, I salute you, you are truly the unsung hero of so many. And until every man, woman, and child hears my message, I will not rest. For life is short, and until we learn to recognize what is important, what is the point of it all? When you exit this page today you will be c! hanged, and for the better I assure you. You are not just learning the value of a pencil, you are learning that a pencil can teach you in so many ways about life. I hope I have made my point, for if I have failed, we have all failed. Please, think about what I have said, and then open to what pencils have to offer, for they truly have a lot to offer...

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