Pencil Making in Iran
Contributed by Mansour Assim

Pencil manufacturing in Iran goes back to 1966, in which Medad Iran Co.(MIC) was established. The factory became operative in 1972, and had max. up to 50% of its capacity in those years.

In 1980, the Assim group bought the company, and the production reached to its highest level of 650,000 gross in 1985.

In 1991, MIC made a license agreement with Staedtler Germany for making graphite and colored pencils, which is still going on.

The total consumption of pencils in Iran is about 1.8 million gross per year, a third being manufactured by MIC, and the remaining by four other companies, and also imports.

The most famous graphite pencil now being used is "CAMEL", a brand of Staedtler manufactured by MIC.

Mansour Assim

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